Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


CookieScript, a leader in cookie consent management solutions, has just released a batch of exciting updates aimed at enhancing both functionality and user insight:
1. Consent Reset Options
We've made managing client consents easier than ever! You can now reset consents directly from your dashboard or set them to reset automatically whenever new cookies are found. This feature is perfect for maintaining compliance as your website evolves. Check it out under Banner Settings > Consent and Banner Settings > Scanner.
2. Detailed Banner Analytics
Our Banner Analytics have gotten a major upgrade! You can now see detailed counts of how many visitors saw the consent banner and their actions—whether they accepted or declined cookies. This gives you a clearer picture of user engagement and consent preferences.
3. Customizable Language Names
To better serve our diverse global users, you can now customize language names in the consent banner. This ensures that everyone understands their choices, no matter what language they speak.
4. Unlimited Daily Scans for Paid Plans
For those in the midst of website development, unrestricted daily scans are now available on all paid plans. This means you can scan as often as needed during development stages to ensure compliance from start to finish—without worrying about hitting limits.
5. Improved Code Performance
We’ve also polished up our codebase, leading to smoother operations and a more reliable platform for managing your cookie consents.
These friendly updates are designed to make your experience with CookieScript not just more compliant, but also more enjoyable and efficient. We're excited to see how these new features help you manage consents more effectively!
CookieScript has introduced a handy new feature that lets you export all your items and settings into a CSV file. This is a great addition for those looking to manage and document their cookie consent settings more effectively.
Just head over to your CookieScript dashboard and click the "Export to CSV" button.
This new export option is all about making your data management and compliance tasks simpler and more convenient. We hope you find it useful for keeping your website administration smooth and stress-free!
WordPress Plugin Update
: Users can now use CookieScript directly within WordPress without needing a CookieScript account. This update simplifies integration, making it quicker and easier to comply with web regulations.
Expanded Vendor Selection
: Users can now choose from Google Ad Tech Providers in addition to IAB vendors. This additional flexibility allows for more precise control over ad technology providers to better meet advertising and privacy needs.
Improved Cookie Library
: The cookie library has been doubled in size and now categorizes and adds descriptions to 35% more cookies on average. This enhancement provides users with more comprehensive information and better management of cookies.
Enhanced Cookie Manager UI
: The Cookie Manager now includes checkboxes for deleting multiple cookies simultaneously. This feature improves usability by streamlining the cookie management process.
Cookie Script introduces an efficient way to manage cookie consent across multiple domains via a single banner, enhancing user experience. This feature allows for a unified consent setting across grouped websites, ensuring consistency in user preferences. For detailed instructions and more insights on cross-domain consent, visit How to Enable Cross-Domain Cookie Consent and General Article on Cross-Domain Consent.
CookieScript is proud to roll out its latest feature aimed at empowering web agencies - the Whitelabeled Dashboard. This feature is designed to enable agencies to resell CookieScript's solutions while fully embracing their own brand identity.
What is the Whitelabeled Dashboard?
The Whitelabeled Dashboard is a revolutionary offering that allows web agencies to host the CookieScript dashboard on their own domain or subdomain, complete with their own branding. This includes the agency's logo, brand colors, and any other branding elements, providing a seamless and integrated experience for their clients.
Benefits of the Whitelabeled Dashboard:
Enhanced Brand Presence: By using your own domain and branding, you reinforce your agency's identity and professionalism.
Simplified User Experience: Users will interact with a familiar brand, your own, throughout their journey, from logging in to receiving notifications.
Ease of Setup: The only technical requirement is adding a DNS CNAME record for your chosen domain/subdomain. No complex integrations are needed.
How It Works:
Once set up, the Whitelabeled Dashboard operates just like the CookieScript dashboard but under your brand. Any users registered through your dashboard will be automatically redirected to your domain if they attempt to log in via CookieScript's main site. Moreover, all communications, including emails and notifications, will be branded with your logo, ensuring a consistent brand experience.
See It in Action:
For an example of how a Whitelabeled Dashboard could enhance your service offering, visit This example showcases the potential for a cohesive and branded user experience that could set your agency apart. You can log in with your existing CookieScript account.
The Whitelabeled Dashboard is more than just a feature; it's a strategic tool for web agencies aiming to elevate their brand and provide exceptional value to their clients. Explore the possibilities with CookieScript's latest innovation and redefine your agency's approach to compliance solutions.
We're excited to announce some fantastic updates to our service, designed to enhance your experience and make your cookie banners more attractive and user-friendly. Here's what's new:
1. Improved Cookie Banner Design:
We've given our cookie banners a fresh look with more contrast colors and better element alignment, making them more eye-catching and easier to read. Plus, we've added a language selector to our small banner design, making it easier for your visitors to choose their preferred language.
2. Introducing the Accent Color Option:
Customizing your cookie banner just got a whole lot easier! Our new accent color feature allows you to add a splash of color to certain elements of your cookie banner. This simple, yet powerful tool is perfect for aligning your banner with your brand's color scheme. Just select your desired accent color, and watch your banner transform!
3. Flexibility and Compatibility:
We understand the importance of having options. That's why you can always roll back to a previous color palette by disabling the accent color feature. Don't worry, all existing banners with light or dark designs will retain their current color palette. But if you're feeling adventurous, you can switch them to the new design with just a click by selecting an accent color.
4. Available Across All Plans:
The best part? This new accent color feature is available to everyone, regardless of your pricing plan. Yes, even our Free plan users can enjoy this update!
If you had a highly customized banner, it's recommended to check if the new changes did not affect your customizations.
We're committed to continuous improvement and value your feedback. Try out these new features and let us know what you think. Your insights help us make CookieScript even better for everyone.
We have made some adjustments to how elements are placed in the dashboard. Cookie Banner settings were re-arranged and a new group was added to the Behavior tab: Frameworks. It now includes Google Consent Mode v2, IAB TCF 2.2, Facebook Pixel, GPC, and GA4 events.
Cookie Banner Analytics can be enabled using a dedicated option and can be found in the Main Settings tab.
We have also added some improvements to allow users to enable certain settings where they are needed. Like Consents and Analytics tabs allow you to enable necessary settings right in those tabs.
The new feature is designed to enhance transparency and compliance with data privacy regulations. When used, the CookieBanner displays information about the Local Storage and Session Storage used by a website in its cookie declaration. This includes details about the type of data stored and the purpose of the storage. The inclusion of local and session storage in the cookie declaration helps users understand how their data is being used and stored, alongside traditional cookies. This option is particularly useful for websites looking to provide comprehensive information about all types of data storage they utilize, thereby fostering trust and ensuring compliance with privacy laws.
All cookie scans from 2024-01-15 will automatically pick up Local Storage and Session Storage from your website. Showing them in the banner is optional and can be enabled in your banner > Cookies > "Show Local Storage and Session Storage in cookie declaration". If the website was scanned before 2024-01-15, you can just re-scan it.
Local Storage and Session Storage can be assigned to categories in your banner > Cookies > Storage report tab. By default, all storages land in the Strictly Necessary category, you can assign them to a different category manually.
We're excited to announce a valuable addition to our Cookie Banner Analytics - now you can track the accept, reject, and ignore rates of your cookie banners! This insightful feature is seamlessly integrated into the Analytics section of the banner, complementing our existing analytics data. Unlike other statistics, these rates are calculated per user, providing a more precise understanding of individual interactions with your banners.
To start seeing user interaction rates, simply re-save your banner, and you'll begin collecting this new set of data. Remember, Cookie Banner Analytics is an exclusive feature of our Plus plan. For more insights and tips on how to get the most out of our analytics tools, feel free to visit us at CookieScript Documentation. We're here to help you make the most of your website's user experience!
CookieScript has introduced a significant update to enhance its functionality with Google Consent Mode V2. This update is vital for users utilizing the GTM (Google Tag Manager) CookieScript template. It addresses recent modifications in permission settings within the GTM template, which are crucial for the efficient functioning of Google Consent Mode V2. It's important for users to update their GTM CookieScript template to the latest version to avoid any compatibility issues with the Cookie Banner. This update is strongly recommended to ensure that website operations remain smooth and compliant​
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